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Taylor Swift Dresses Up Nice, But Will She Ever Undress Nicely?

  Taylor Swift looked pretty damn fine in Sydney at the Aria Awards over the weekend, dolled up in her innocent fashion. Now, there are those of you who will write off T-Swift because she’s simply just too G-rated, ...
by BX8A


Taylor Swift: Adam’s Gift to You This Thanksgiving

  Taylor Swift - She’s too nice not to be a freak in the sheets. Whoa, EgoReader ‘Adam’, are you suggesting that all girls who appear sweet and smiley and super G-rated in public are always wild, naughty...
by BX8A


Taylor Swift Hot Promo Shoot for Album About the Crazy Relationships in Her Mind

  Anybody who’s lived a little can tell you that whatever Taylor Swift thinks of as a ‘crazy, tumultuous, toxic’ relationship as a young wealthy worldwide pop star, would be merely a blip on the Love Hu...
by BX8A



Taylor Swift Bikini Photos Try to Look Hot in Your Grandma’s Swimsuit

  Okay, we admittedly left out the part where Taylor Swift was making out with Conor Kennedy, the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr and Mary Kennedy (who recently passed away) and who Taylor is now kind of cougar hun...
by BX8A


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